Internorm Windows

reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs 

All StokedLiving homes are equipped with highly energy-efficient and high-quality Internorm windows and doors.

These doors and windows are top of the line for sustainabilityqualitysecurity and so much more.

You can reduce your heating and cooling bills significantly with these windows and doors – combined with Paradigm wall panels for noticeable change.

Moreover, they are easy to clean, have a fine wood finish, and lock securely for all your homeowner needs.

As an added touch they are beautiful, and come in several sizes to fit every room!


making a difference

2x more energy efficient

Windows closed are twice as efficient when compared to regular windows

Greater Sound Reduction

Triple-pane sound reduction technology (34-45 Db sound reduction)

2x More Insulation Power

Regular windows have a 1.4 Uw value, our windows have a Uw value of 0.62 - twice as effective at insulating!


Higher Security

Up to R1CN, RC2

Tilt & turn windows technology

Tilt and Turn windows are designed to open in two ways: they can either tilt inwards from the top for ventilation or swing open fully from the side for easy cleaning and maximum air circulation. This type of window is a popular choice in Europe and is gaining popularity in North America due to its energy efficiency, security features, and ease of use.

Great for homeowners who prioritize energy efficiency and want to reduce their energy bills. These windows are designed to seal tightly when closed, preventing air leaks and reducing heat loss, which can save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

want to know more?

Paradigm Panels has a technical breakdown on the window and general details to help you understand more. We would love for you to explore more with the button below.