Net zero wall panels

Build in a controlled environment – meant to last for generations

The unique closed wall system not only reduces energy consumption by 90%, it also sequesters GHG (Greenhouse Gases). The lumber and wood fibres naturally store Greenhouse Gases, maximizing energy efficiency. It is important to us that our wall system is environmentally friendly and does not contain any plastics or similar products.

For heat protection, this wall system performs at twice the rate of a standard wall. The wall keeps the warmth in the house in the winter and the heat out in the summer. Excellent insulation not only helps to lower your utility cost, it also creates a much better indoor climate. After all, you want to live in a home beneficial to your health.

Our wall system easily exceeds the requirements of Step Code 5, which will become comprehensive in BC by 2032. It is also breathable, creating an even more favourable indoor climate and a dry environment resistant to mould. Installed correctly, moisture is able to move through and out of the wall system.

Stoked Living Insulation

Traditional Insulation

premium insulation

We insulate our walls with dense pack cellulose with a high-end machine. This not only produces optimal results it also allows a level of quality control that cannot be achieved when insulating onsite. Using recycled cellulose also makes our wall carbon negative – meaning that we sequester more Green House Gases than we emit in the build process. In addition, we can insulate our walls with virtually zero waste as the system adapts from wall cavity to wall cavity.

As the summer temperatures rise outdoors, thermal energy is stored in the walls of your home. A home built with standard walls has a phase shift of around five hours, meaning it will take five hours for your home to reach outside temperatures. A home with a closed wall system will stay cooler for much longer, storing the thermal energy rather than transferring it indoors. This conserves energy typically used to cool a home and maintains a comfortable indoor climate. 

making a difference

90% energy saving

Over its lifespan, a home built with Paradigm Closed Wall Panels will only consume 10% as much energy as a conventional house


Reduction of GHG emissions

We reduce GHG twofold: 1 through sequestering more GHG in the building process compared to normal construction and 2 by lowering the energy needed to heat or cool the home.

Step code 5

Step 5 indicates the home has been constructed as net-zero energy ready (NZER), meaning it produces as much energy as it consumes.