Your Home Fully Captured

360° video and 360° photos.

OpenSpace Capture documents 150,000 square feet per hour, hands free.

StokedLiving & Paradigm Building Solutions are proud to be using OpenSpace AI to make sure you know the literal in’s and out’s of your entire home. 

Want to know if there’s a stud, a wire, a pipe or something else buried in the floor or wall of your home? With the click of a button you can see it all. No stud finders or holes required!



Making it simple, for everyone!

Renovation to simple aesthetics!

Elevate your StokedLiving experience with OpenSpace, your ultimate companion for projects of all sizes within your StokedLiving homes. Whether you’re embarking on a grand renovation or just adding a new TV or a substantial mirror, OpenSpace empowers you to confidently navigate your walls. Discover the perfect spots for drilling or nailing, and avoid any mishaps with ease!

Our user-friendly app revolutionizes your home projects. With a simple gesture, hold your phone in front of the wall and unlock an “x-ray look” right inside. OpenSpace simplifies the complex, making every task a breeze. Experience the future of simplified home improvement.

data at your fingertips

Captures, conversations, and project activities.

All of the OpenSpace captures, conversations, and project activities are neatly organized, easily accessible, and securely stored on our servers.

You’ll have a complete historical record of every project, with all data easily accessible to share with relevant parties. You can even fill a space with family and friends by showing them your site online before they venture over for a visit to the mountains!



Watch it in action

“In one current facilities management project, where I have to check what kinds of door openers are on each store across nearly 1,000 stores, OpenSpace saves me about $200-$250 per store that I would normally have to pay local field service technicians to physically go and take photos. We do these kinds of projects throughout the year, so that’s just one example of the savings.”

Facilities Manager

want to know more? has more technical information on the app and we would love for you to explore more.