About Stokedliving

Stokedliving is a one-of-a-kind residential neighbourhood constructed by Paradigm Building Solutions in the highly desirable town of Revelstoke. We are creating the first neighbourhood that is entirely built to the highest energy standard available – Step Code 5. This development is unlike any other in interior British Columbia, and you will not find anything else like it. The purpose of this project is to offer the luxury of living in a refined yet naturally rugged mountain town. The ideal location of Revelstoke provides its residents with convenience, a growing economy, unrivaled natural beauty, as well as a strong and solid community.

Our Mission is to provide residents with homes that embody:



We do this by creating a home that embraces and coincides with Revelstoke’s natural landscape.



We consider the environmental impact of every step of the building process from start to finish. We craft homes that produce a minimal ecological footprint and are meant to last. We utilize recycled products as much as possible, and constantly adjust our processes to minimize waste.



We provide a unique community-oriented neighbourhood that integrates both people and the planet, whilst promoting the preservation and integration of the natural environment.


Influenced by the natural landscape, our exclusive technology in our BC factory organically allows us to create and manufacture in a new, modern, and sustainable way.

StokedLiving is proud to demonstrate its ecological design in many ways throughout the neighbourhood. We acknowledge how lucky we are to live in a mountain community, a breathtaking rainforest, and strive to incorporate the beauty of the local environment into our neighbourhood.

Our proprietary technology uses recycled cellulose as insulation, which makes our walls carbon negative. What does this mean? During our production process, we sequester more greenhouse gasses than we emit. Our homes are built to meet Step Code 5 – an energy standard that will be mandatory in British Columbia in 2032.


  • Quality homes
  • Sustainability
  • Richer life experience

The people who are attracted to Revelstoke are nature lovers, adventurers, and those who truly appreciate substance and quality over artificial appearances and shiny things. They are willing to break barriers, and can see the beauty and simplicity of mountain living. The draw of Revelstoke is the personal satisfaction obtained by embracing this down to earth lifestyle.



  • The Complete Wall System meets passive house/net zero requirements at R40
  • Insulation made from cellulose & hardwood fibre board, nearly chemical free
  • Choice of siding, complete with insulation, a service layer and inner drywall layer
  • Premium European windows for energy efficiency that are certified to the Passivehouse Standard
  • New Home Warranty of 2-5-10 years
  • Solar Option to achieve a full Zero Net Property
  • Freehold Title (No Strata Fees)
  • Two dedicated Parks within the development



Paradigm Building Solutions was created to provide a means for building energy efficient homes throughout Canada. As a country in which temperatures fluctuate from -35C in wintertime to 35C in the summers, being able to adapt to a changing climate is of the utmost importance.

Paradigm builds high performance building envelopes with precision and accuracy, and always quickly. We are proud to provide our clients with the best performing wood framed buildings in British Columbia. Due to our unique and cutting edge technology, we’re able to build houses from foundation to lock up in only a few days.

The high-end robotics that are used in our manufacturing facilities to produce both open and closed wall panels are only available at a select few factories around the world. Based in Louis Creek, British Columbia, Paradigm is only 5 minutes south of Barrière and headquartered in Revelstoke, B.C. We’re one of the province’s fastest growing employers, with a dedicated and highly-qualified team.

Our wall panels are manufactured with unparalleled precision in a controlled environment, then shipped fully sided and fully insulated. This process ensures efficient and seamless onsite set up. Because our walls are not exposed to outside elements for extended amounts of time, this eliminates moisture content, which ensures an even higher quality of home.

There are many wall panel companies out there, but Paradigm’s are unique in a few ways.



The key to the unparalleled performance and energy efficiency of our walls are our highly superior windows.

All of our windows comply with the highest energy standard in the world, are NAFS Certified*, and boast triple pane glass instead of the usual double pane. They also come with the added bonus of aluminum cladding on the outside, ensuring a long life and being maintenance free.

*NAFS Certified refers to the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS), which governs the window and door requirements set by the National Building Code for residential housing in North America.



Our walls are, simply put, the absolute best that you could possibly have. Our walls will always outperform standard 2×6 walls – and here’s how: Built out of 2 x 10 , instead of the usual 2 x 6, and fortified with an extra layer of hardwood fiberboard, Paradigm walls are built to last for generations. They also provide an effective R-Value of 37, which, in layman’s terms, means that they insulate a home about twice as well as a standard wall.

The combination of our superior quality windows, in conjunction with our long-lasting walls, means we can confidently say that our homes use about 80-90% less energy than conventional homes.

The Simple Math:
2×10 exterior walls + Blow-in cellulose + A Layer of hardwood fibre board for additional insulation + Fibre Cement Board siding = One incomparable Paradigm Building Solutions Wall.

By insulating our walls with hardwood fiber board and recycled cellulose, we not only are able to create incredibly energy efficient homes, but this also drastically diminishes the greenhouse gasses emitted when building our homes.