About Us

Stokedliving is a one-of-a-kind residential neighbourhood constructed by Paradigm Building Solutions in the highly desirable town of Revelstoke.

We are creating the first neighbourhood that is entirely built to the highest energy standard available – Step Code 5. This development is unlike any other in interior British Columbia from a quality but also advanced sustainable point of view. The purpose of this project is to offer the luxury of living in a refined yet naturally rugged mountain town.

Reinventing the Modern Mountain Lifestyle.

Better yet, all homes are of Freehold Title and have no strata fees. When starting the project, we could think of no better place than our own backyard – Revelstoke. The unmatched outdoor adventure opportunities, growing economy, unrivalled natural beauty and strong, solid community make for the perfect place to live. 

What We Sell

Peace. Serenity. Adventure. Opportunity. Beauty.

  • Quality homes
  • Sustainability
  • Richer life experience

The people who are attracted to Revelstoke are nature lovers, adventurers, and those who truly appreciate substance and quality over artificial appearances and shiny things. They are willing to break barriers and can see the beauty and simplicity of mountain living. The draw of Revelstoke is the personal satisfaction obtained by embracing this down to earth lifestyle.


What We Build

Sustainable Homes. A Community. A Safe Neighbourhood.

  • The Complete Wall System meets net zero requirements at R40
  • Insulation made from cellulose & hardwood fibre board, nearly chemical free
  • Choice of siding, complete with insulation, a service layer and an inner drywall layer
  • Premium European windows for energy efficiency that are certified to the Passive House Standard
  • New Home Warranty of 2,5 & 10 years
  • Solar Option to achieve a full Zero Net Property
  • Two dedicated Parks within the development


Building smarter

See the Stoked Living difference.

Windows & Walls

Our homes are built with net zero requirements, and premium European windows for energy efficiency that are certified to the passive house standard.

Net Energy

Step Code


R Value Insulated

Constructing homes that embody


Eco-friendly builds following Step Code 5.


A tight knit and proud Canadian community that values eco-friendly practices.


Access the stunning mountain ranges of Revelstoke from your doorstep.

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